Our VW Repair Services

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Tune Ups

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff works on vintage Volkswagens all day. We know what it takes to complete a fast, efficient, and thorough tune up on any vintage VW. We have the experience to know just what it takes to get your VW running smoothly.


General Repairs

We all love our vintage VWs but we also know that with vintage age comes the need for a little extra TLC. We can perform any and all types of repairs on vintage Volkswagens. We work on engines, transmissions, suspension, brakes, interior, and much more. We are your one-stop source for getting your vintage VW back on the road.





We know how much you love your vintage VW and we will work with you to bring it back to just the shape you are looking for. We have connections with suppliers who have all the parts needed to get your VW back into not only working order but into the restored vision you bring us. For jobs from small repairs to full-car restorations we have the experience and expertise to get it done right.


Engine Builds & Rebuilds

From factory-spec stock engines to custom high-performance engines, if you want an engine built right and built to your specifications, we have the experience and years of knowledge to get you just the engine you are looking for.

Engine builds using a new case that follow our engine break in schedule receive a 1 year warranty from install.