project: jim's 'DESTROYED Beauty' 1977 bug

Our Service Manager Jim purchased this 1977 Standard Beetle in 2016. Since then Jim, with assistance from David, has been slowly getting it back into working order. He considers working on it a form of relaxation therapy. He's happy to say it now runs (with its original fuel injection system no less!). He's not sure the exact direction the project will take but he's excited to find out. Fun Fact: 1977 was the last year the standard VW Beetle was sold in the United States.) Visit the Project '77 Tumblr for more images.






project: The Phoenix 1974 bug

This 74 beetle was involved in a fire and has fire damage reaching into the rear interior of the bug. The fate of this poor Beetle is uncertain but we have a feeling great things are in store for it. {Gallery to come}







So, the parts all come together at last, and Dave talks me into going with him to the Irvine Classic Bug Show in Cali. Since July 13th is my wedding anniversary, and my wife HAS hinted about going away on a cruise. Well, this would be a cruise would it not? Here I am on the way to California, adjusting the headlights on the Tetanus Beast. [View Gallery]



Derek brought over this 1700cc type 4 long block he had kicking around his garage to see if we could put it to some use for him. It was December. It looked like a reindeer. At least, late one night, it did to me...did I mention it was really late? [View Gallery]