legal stuff

DISCLAIMER: Estimates are subject to change according to what is found once the work has started. If significant we will do our best to get approval before servicing.


MECHANICS CAUTION: Repairs advised that you elect to not service, may result in harm to persons or vehicle. Vintage German Motors is not liable for such harm.

Billing and Pick ups 


30 day/3,000 mile Warranty Policy

WEEKLY BILLING: Vintage German Motors will bill repairs completed on your vehicle weekly on Mondays. Payments are due the following Thursday of the same week, or upon pick-up, whichever comes first.


PICK-UP POLICY: Vehicles left more than 3 days after work has been completed (without prior notice), will be charged a $15/per day 'Storage Fee'. -All storage fees are due upon pick-up.


All repairs done by Vintage German Motors are warrantied for the period of 30 days from the date the work is completed or the repaired vehicle has been driven 3000 miles after the repair, whichever comes first.

Any racing, off-road, abusive, illegal, high-speed, and/or reckless driving will immediately void the warranty on any repair done by Vintage German Motors.

Customers must immediately notify Vintage German Motors by phone of any repairs they feel may not be functioning properly and may need to be covered under this warranty.

Any warranty work that is reported by the customer to Vintage German Motors after 30 days from the time of the work completion or after 3000 miles of driving the vehicle (whichever comes first) regardless of when the repair was found to be not functioning, will be forfeit and void, Vintage German Motors will not be responsible for it in any way.

- Vehicle Towing/Moving -

Customer's are responsible for getting their vehicles to the Vintage German Motors location for any warranty work.

Vintage German Motors will not pay for the towing/moving expenses for getting the vehicle to the Vintage German Motors location for any warranty work.

Customers may contact Vintage German Motors to help the customer set up a discounted tow with a Vintage German Motors authorized towing company but in such a case the final cost for towing the vehicle will be paid for by the customer.


These services Must be performed at Vintage German Motors to maintain the 1 year VGM warranty on your New or Rebuilt engine with a new case. Your engine will run better, cleaner, and last much longer with regular service.

1. First 100 miles: Valve adjust. This first one is free with the new engine.

2. Next 500 miles: Valve adjust.

3. Next 1,000 Miles: Valve adjust and oil change..

4. Next 3,000 miles: Valve adjust and oil change.

5. Every 3,000 miles: Change oil and adjust from then on.

6. Every 6,000 miles: Do a major tune-up including removing the spark plugs.